Short Bio

Ignacio Pérez Hurtado de Mendoza is a Reseach Fellow Juan de la Cierva (Postdoctoral Junior Grants 2013) at the Service Robotics Lab, Pablo de Olavide University (UPO), Seville, Spain. He received the Informatics Engineer Degree in 2003 from the University of Seville (US). After that, he worked in Telvent S.A. as an Analist for three years. He joined the Rearch Group on Natural Computing (RGNC), US, in 2007 working as a Senior Research Support Technician in several national and international projects related to Membrane Computing, as well as a half-time Interim Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CCIA). He received the Ph.D. in Logic, Computation and Artificial Intelligence, University of Seville in 2010. The main contribution of his thesis is the programming language P-Lingua for Membrane Computing. He continued to work in the RGNC and Dpt. of CCIA until 2013, after that, he worked in Yaco S.L. as a Senior Developer for one year. In 2014 he joined the Service Robotics Lab as a Senior Research Support Technician for the TERESA FP7 project. Finally, in 2015 he began his current Research Fellowship.


Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Edificio 45, despacho 1.41
Crtra. Utrera, km, 1.
41013 Sevilla (Spain)
e-mail: iperde at upo dot es