Noé Pérez Higueras

Service Robotics Lab

PhD student - Pablo de Olavide University



About me

I'm a PhD student in the Service Robotics Lab in the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville. My research is focused on Social Navigation of Mobile Robots. I'm studying the different robot navigation algorithms and trying to extend them by adding social skills. To do that I employ machine learning techniques in order to learn navigation behaviors from data of real people.

After receiving the Computing Engineering Degree I was working and collaborating with the Automatics, Robotics and Mecatronics research group of the University of Almeria (my hometown) for almost 3 years. Then, I had the chance to move to the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville where I'm developing my PhD work since September 2012.


TERESA (Telepresence Reinforcement-learning Social Agent)

TERESA robot

TERESA has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ICT-2013-10) under grant agreement n° 611153.

The TERESA project aims to develop a telepresence robot of unprecedented social intelligence, thereby helping to pave the way for the deployment of robots in settings such as homes, schools, and hospitals that require substantial human interaction. In telepresence systems, a human controller remotely interacts with people by guiding a remotely located robot, allowing the controller to be more physically present than with standard teleconferencing.

FROG (Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide)

FROG robot

FROG is a collaborative project funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ICT-2011.2.1), under grant agreement n° 288235. Duration: October 2011 - September 2014.

FROG aspires to turn autonomous outdoor robots into viable location-based service providers. It develops an outdoor guide robot, part of an emerging class of intelligent robot platforms. It has a winning personality and behaviors that engage tourists in a fun exploration of outdoor attractions.

ECHORD++ challenge in Urban Robotics: SIAR (Sewer Inspection Autonomous Robot)

SIAR robot

The FP7 project ECHORD++ (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development, Grant Agreement Number 601116) aims at strengthening the cooperation between scientific research and industry in robotic. It comprises two different challenges. One of them is the challenge in Urban Robotics: Robots for the inspection and the clearance of the sewer network in cities.

Sewer inspections require many humans to work in risky and unhealthy conditions. Introducing a robotic solution in this process aims at reducing the labour risks, improving the precision of sewer inspections and optimizing sewer cleaning resources of the city.


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