SRL at IROS’18

The lab. had a hectic week at IROS 2018 in Madrid.

We presented our Socially Intelligent Robotics Consortium in booths 27 and 28, where we demoed Haru.

Haru was featured on Canal Sur, a Spanish broadcasting station:

and among the robots of IROS spotted by the IEEE Spectrum.

The SIAR project and new version of the robot (also included in the IEEE Spectrum list of robots) were presented at the ECHORD++ booth (125 and 126).


Juanje presented our paper on “Multi-Graph Homography Method to Generate Incremental Mosaics in Real Time from UAV Swarms”, with a lot of interest from the audience.


Luis gave an invited talk on human-aware robot navigation during the workshop “Fr-WS25: Robotic Co-workers 4.0: Human Safety and Comfort in Human-Robot Interactive Social Environments”