Some of the robots and robot systems we have contributed in their creation. You can check more videos at Vimeo and YouTube

Haru, the Social Robot

We are collaborating with Honda Research Institute, Japan, in the research and development for the social robot Haru.

MBZIRC 2020 Competition

NIx: ATEX Certifiable Navigation Module for Ground Robotic Inspection

ARCO: Autonomous Robot Co-Worker

TERESA (TElepresence REinforcement-learning Social Agent) robot

A summary of the Teresa project on Vimeo.

SIAR: Sewer Inspection Autonomous Robot

FROG: Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide

FROG at the Lisbon Zoo here

URUS (Ubiquituous Robotics in Urban Settings)

URUS FP6 Project: Romeo as autonomous taxi on Vimeo.

This videos highlights some experiments on the final review of the EU Project URUS, in November 2009. Our robot Romeo was able to provide autonomous transportation of persons between different points in the Campus Nord of UPC, in Barcelona. The main results can be found in:

A. Sanfeliu, J. Andrade-Cetto, M. Barbosa, R. Bowden, J. Capitan, A. Corominas, A. Gilbert, J. Illingworth, L. Merino, J.M. Mirats, P. Moreno, A. Ollero, J. Sequeira, and M.T.J. Spaan. Decentralized Sensor Fusion for Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Areas. Sensors, 10:2274–2314, 2010.

Other videos

Further videos at