Datasets & Code


The code can be accessed at our GitHub page:


FROG dataset in Alcazar of Seville, Spain

FROG's robot at the Alcazar

A novel set of data for the evaluation of visual place recognition in both indoors and outdoors environment in addition to sensor information to evaluate human-robot interactions in crowded areas. The datasets were recorded in the Royal Alcázar of Seville (Spain) in the frame of the EU Project FROG. We recorded a large set of images sequences from a stereo camera and scan measurements from three laser mounted on a moving robot.

Link to FROG’s datasets

Echord++ Dataset in the sewage system of Barcelona, Spain

SIAR robot on the Sewers of Barcelona

We present a, to the best of our knowledge, unprecedented set of data in a challenging indoor environment: the visitable sewers of Barcelona. The datasets were recorded in real sewers of different places of Barcelona with two different platorms: Our SIAR ground robot, which was designed by IdMind company, and the ARSI aerial platform from EURECAT. They were designed to participate in the Urban Robotic Challenge for Sewer Inspection of the Echord++ project.

Link to Echord++ datasets

Smoky Datasets

Datasets of an indoor scenario with artificial smoke

We present a dataset obtained in an underground location with reduced-visibility conditions (artificial smoke). The set consists of logs obtained with different levels of smoke. In addition, we provide the users with a partial ground-truth and baselines of the localization of the platforms, which can be used for testing localization and SLAM algorithms.

Link to Smoke datasets